Breed Type: Gun Dog
Country of Origin: Hungary
Also Known As: Hungarian Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Magyar Vizsla
Size:  Medium
Males: Height: 53–63cm Weight: 20-32
Females:  Height: 53-61cmWeight: 18-26kg
Exercise Requirements: High
Care Requirements: Medium
Lifespan: 10 12years
Best Suited as: Family Pet for active families

The Hungarian Vizsla is another popular gundog breed from Europe whose beauty, intelligence and lovely temperament have seen the make their easy transition from working gundog to favoured animal companion.

The Hungarian Vizsla has a short rust coloured coat and a slim but muscular build typical of gundog breeds.  In conformation they are not unlike the slightly larger Weimeraner and their temperaments are somewhat similar as well

they are a fairly square breed of dog with height at the shoulders and body length almost identical.  The Withers are noticeably lower than the shoulders and the back slopes gently down to their tail.

Their noses always a reddish colour that is similar to their coat colour. If they have a contrasting nose colour such as brown black or even pink this is an indication that they are not up your bred Vizsla or perhaps even a totally different breed altogether.

Tails are often docked at two thirds of the original length. Though tail docking has been made illegal in Australia except where medically necessary it is still quite common to see Hungarian visitors in Australia with their tails docked.  The rationale behind this docking is perhaps safety of the dog since their details may be damaged as they rush through undergrowth but perhaps it also has something to do with fashion. Certainly there is no medical reason for you docked tail of your Hungarian Vizsla if you intend keeping them as a family pets as opposed to as the gundog,

The story of their creation is similar to the Weimeraner in that they were at gundog bred for the upper-class and aristocracy.  Their efficiency as gundogs and hunting dogs was important that just as important was their regal appearance thus they were bred for their sleek lines and regardless of Hungary can be very cold extremely short hair was favoured.

As a result the dogs were not suitable for outdoor kennelling and thus their lives are dual life of favoured hunting dog and spoilt indoor dog.  Indeed there are a few dogs today that feel they have a greater right to be indoor dogs than the Hungarian Vizsla

Though they’re not large in size they are large of life. They are high energy active dogs whilst additionally being softhearted and very affectionate.  There will seek the company of their owner or family at all times moving from room to room with you will and seeking to sleep on your bed.

They are very intelligent and trainable but their feelings are easily hurt.  A softly softly all current and no stick approach to training them will yield better results than military style training. Indeed if your Vizsla engages in undesirable behaviour extreme scolding is likely to make them miserable for a long time.

They will pine if left alone and will cry so if you are not able to spend all day with them considered to rather than one.

They are generally very good with young children and rarely show any level of aggression. The only issue is their high excitability at times and thus they have a slight tendency to knock over the very young or the old and infirm.

Exercise Requirements
They are always up for a game and need lots and lots of exercise.  This is deftly dog suitable for running beside a pushbike.  They have webbed toes are excellent swimmers and generally love the water though be aware that they are susceptible to the cold as their coat is water resistant is not very thick and will not keep them warm in cold water.

Games such as catch the frisbee, catch the ball etc will be well received.

there are extremely healthy breed with few genetic problems seen though the conditions of hip dysplasia and epilepsy have both been seen in the breed.  When buying a puppy make sure you do so from a registered breeder who will show you the hip scores of the parents and discuss any history of epilepsy or other genetic disorders in the breed stock.

Suitability as a Pet
The Hungarian Vizsla requires an owner or family that is able to spend a great deal of time with it and for whom the time with a dog does not end at the back door. Your Vizsla will be most upset it is not permitted to slip inside.

They have high exercise needs and these are not met for one reason or another all be destructive. The rating them for this behaviour will likely exacerbate it so understand it is your responsibility to ensure their needs the high level of exercise are met.

They are wonderful family pets, being softhearted and affectionate and are highly recommended to any family looking for a devoted companion dog.