The Estrela Mountain Dog is a large guardian dog which has for centuries been been used to guard flocks in the Estrela mountains of Portugal.

The breed exists in two forms, long haired and short haired, apart from the coat the are virtually identical. They weigh between 66 and 110 pounds and grow to a height of 24.5 to 28.5 inches.

They are usually very protective of their property and family, friendly with children, but suspicious of any strangers, and can be stubborn. They don?t require lots of exercise, but they do require lots of room. They are also agile for large dogs so a well fenced yard is required. They are good with children, and families, however its important to get these dogs as a puppy, as an adult they will not bond with a new family easily.Health
As with all working dogs, they are fairly hardy but as with all larger dogs, they tend to have a higher incidence of cancer than apparent in smaller breeds. Hip Dysplasia is also possible so it is advisable to try and find a puppy with parents that are HD scored. Of the larger breeds they are fairly long lived, averaging 13 years.

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