Pet owners have to be cautious in taking care of their birds since a lot of factors can make the lives of these pets miserable. Mite infestation is one of the serious issues that can be very problematic to a bird. These parasites are known to suck the blood of birds, which may become fatal if not treated. When your pet bird loses too much blood, it may lead to making your pet anemic. Furthermore, if they are not treated at the soonest possible time, mites may eventually infest different structures within your house.

Signs Of Mite Infestation

Before going through some of the ways to treat mites that are bothering your pet, it is important for you to be familiar with the signs of their infestation on your bird. Being able to identify the presence of mites will help you take the necessary steps in treating your pets.

  • Your bird rubs itself frequently against its cage, or it preens itself more frequently.

Since mites are blood-sucking creatures, they make their hosts irritable. Birds are just like humans that try to scratch their skin when something tries to bite them. When a bird preens more frequently, there is the tendency for more of its feathers to fall off. This should alarm you that something is making it uncomfortable.

  • The bird suddenly becomes restless and looks like it has gotten weak.

As mites suck the blood from your pet bird, there is a greater chance that your pet will suffer from anemia. This will put your bird in a weak and timid state. Its feathers also become dull during this state.

  • Your pet suddenly gasps for air or has difficulty in breathing.

There are mites that are known to infest the sinus or air sac of a bird. This can be lethal for birds because they have no effective way of removing or releasing these mites from their respiratory system.

  • There are physical abnormalities on the body of your bird.

There are different types of mites that can affect birds in various ways. Various types of mites may burrow through the different areas of your bird’s skin. One of the well-known signs that mites have penetrated the skin of your bird is when you see scaly skin that looks dry with a white crust on the legs or feet of your pet. Another area that mites may burrow through is around the bill and cere of your bird. You will know that something has penetrated through its skin because you will see an unnatural thickening crust on this area.

How To Treat Mites In Birds

Seeing that it is important that your pet is free from harmful organisms that would negatively affect its living conditions, you should act as fast as you can when you identify that there is an infestation of mites. You may refer below to some common ways to treat this problem:

  • Have your pet and its cage checked.

There are mites that are microscopic in size and can only be identified by veterinarians. If you are not able to find any mites when you check your bird, then it is highly recommended that you bring your pet to a veterinary clinic right away. Mites may have already burrowed through the skin of your pet. Also, mites that affect a bird’s respiratory system are difficult to check without the help of a licensed professional. You should bring the cage to the veterinarian so that it can be checked for any infestation.

  • Clean the bird’s cage or aviary.

You have to consider that mites may leave their hosts and stay within the bird cage as they try to find new hosts. To effectively kill and remove these parasites, you should thoroughly wash the bird cage with water and soap. You should also apply products that have pyrethrin or permethrin on the cage. This can also be done in your outdoor aviary since these products are meant to effectively kill insects.

  • Bathe your bird.

Washing your bird can help remove some mites that are still on its feathers or those parasites that have not yet burrowed through its skin. You should use soap developed for birds. You must also apply some pyrethrin product on your bird. You can spray it on your hands and then rub it on your bird’s skin and feathers.