The Green Aracari is the smallest of the toucans, weighing in at 125 grams. Its total length is only 24cm and its beak is only 5cm long. The Green Aracari is one of the few species of toucans that are dimorphic with males and females being greatly difference in appearance. The female has a chestnut brown head and neck, whereas the male has a black head and neck. The Green Aracari is native to the northern regions South America in the countries of Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Surinam, where it is quite common.

The Green Aracari is the most successful breeder of all the toucan species in captivity, though this is more likely to take place successfully if they are housed in an outdoor aviary rather than an indoor cage. Their natural environment is warm and wet, and they thrive in captivity in similar environments.

Diet is mix of fruits, insects and the eggs of other birds… but they are intolerant to a high iron diet so they should never be fed vegetables like brocholi, cauliflower and they don’t tolerate citrus either.

They can be kept inside, assuming you provide them with a large cage – think double the size you’d need for a cockatoo of the same size.

The Green Aracari is a very friendly, affectionate species that qualifies it as an excellent pet and definitely the place to start if you are a novice bird owner interested in getting yourself started with softbills.