Pet rat body types are a small but distinct classification of pet rats. Despite being a very minute differentiating factor for pet rats, the pet rat body type is a significant factor mainly because of the influence the body shape has on the appearance of the rat. These pet rat body types have also been the motivation behind choosing the kind of rat to breed or keep for breeders and hobbyists alike.

Rats were mainly used for sport where they were plunged into a pit with a dog and the audience would bet on how long the rats would last in the pit. Rat owners would buy their supply from rat-catchers who would give them all sorts of rats. Eventually, Rat owners began picking their favourite colours and markings on rats and some chose specific body types of rats which they would use as their own trademarks in the pits. So they started breeding these rats with their favourite body types and slowly, as the sport lost popularity, these rats became domesticated.

Pet rat body types have long been the object of affection for many hobbyists. If you are someone who likes the smooth and slender body of a rat and breeds or collects them for that purpose only, then it is vital to understand the differences that prevail amongst these pet rat body types.

Pet rat body types are never the most significant feature for you to distinguish between various rat types although there are a few pet rat varieties that are distinguishable solely upon their body type.

Manx rats are the first standardized form of pet rat body type where the rat has a body that’s similar to the Manx cat. The tail of the rat is either short or absent while the body is otherwise like a normal rat. If you are looking to get a Manx rat, then you need to understand the importance of a rat’s tail and realize that Manx rats have a tendency to suffer from heat-exhaustion amongst other things.

Dumbo rats are another pet rat body type where the body of the rat resembles, and is named after, Dumbo the Elephant – a cartoon character. The main feature of this particular pet rat body type is the presence of ears in a low position, on the sides of the head. These rats are generally a little plumper as well while their ears are rather large.

These pet rat body types are the most common forms alongside the regular pet rat’s body type. If you are looking for something different when looking for pet rats, then these pet rat body types can be the difference you need.