Contrary to what cartoons like Tom and Jerry will have you believe, cheese is not a suitable mainstay in the diet of your pet mouse. In the wild, mice are opportunist feeders living off a mixes grass seeds, insects and plant matter. The dietary needs of the domestic pet mouse is a little different.

Pet Shop Mouse Food
Your local pet shop will be on to supply a commercially prepared mouse or rat mix. This might be in the form of pellets or a mix of pellets grain and seed. Whilst this mixed feed will provide more variety is very likely that your mice will prefer the seed and easy it is for the pellets. Whilst difficult to avoid doing this it is important in the pellets as the grains by themselves don’t provide much in the way of a balanced diet. Best to feed them a small amount at a time and don’t top up a half eaten mouse food container is your mice will simply think the grain out of the new feed.

Almost all mice love sunflower seeds as the tasty and fund crack open. Be aware though these large seeds a full of oil to be sparing in the amount you provide.

Don’t be Fooled By Full Food Containers.
Do be aware that mice have a tendency to crack open the grain, in the soft part from inside and discard the husk back in their food container. What appears to be an almost full container may well be just all husks.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
But grain must be supplemented with small amounts of vegetables and fruits. Must lead almost any kind of fresh fruit or vegetable to ensure best nutrition try and focus on giving them vegetables such as carrots and Greens as opposed to high sugar fruit such as grapes. High sugar fruits can provide too many calories giving your fat mouse that poops a lot. Some mice don’t tolerate high fibre or high sugar fruits to their poop becomes runny exclude the fruit from the diet that has caused this.

Leftovers and Human Food
because mice often find their way into our discarded food, raiding rubbish bins or sticking around the house at night to find scraps does not mean that human food is particularly good to them. All of human food tends to be very high in fat and sugar whereas these little guys require high levels of protein. They will lead what taste good much like a child and not be too concerned about the nutritional value of it. As bad as high fat high sugar high salt foods like McDonald’s are for you they are even worse for your mouse.

If you do wish to offer your mouse leftovers make sure what you offer them is as balanced is what is recommended above. Don’t ever feed your mouse chocolate as it is toxic for them.

You need to weigh up the competing factors of ensuring optimum health by not overfeeding your mouse so that they did not gain too much weight eating unnecessary calories as well is getting all their food to ensure a balanced diet against your own or your children’s ability to remember to feed your mouse or mice. It is not much good at only feeding them a small amount in order to ensure this balanced diet but then only remembering to do so every few days. Be honest with yourself as to your diligence on this matter and you are less likely to end up with a mouse who will never eat again.

Sure your mouse has a constant available supply of water. You can do this with a small water bowl or a drip water feeder. I prefer the latter as they are less likely to be fouled or  knocked over in the water stays fresh and last longer.

Pregnant Mice
Your pregnant mouse will certainly eat more so ensure the available food is increased at this time. Other mouse with a handful of babies needs lots of calories to provide the milk they need to ensure this increased fees apply continues after the birth. While some mother mice will be some reason it their babies in any case can certainly reduce the chances of this by making sure she is not hungry.

Keeping a mouse well fed on the nutritional diet just takes a bit of common sense. They are small eaters in comparison to cats and dogs to a very cheap to feed. How well you look after your mouse nutritionally can make a massive difference to their lifespan to do the right thing by your pet mice and take care with their diet