Pet mice varieties have, for years, fascinated breeders, collectors and hobbyists alike. Over the years, pet rat selective breeding has given birth to a number of pet mice varieties while helping sustain existing breeds. With a wide number of pet mice varieties out there today, for someone looking to start a hobby, there is no dearth of options on where you can start.

Mice-catchers in the 18th century were known to sell their haul to “mice-owners” who would, in turn, use the mice as a betting sport where they would be thrown into pits with dogs. Bets were made on the time the dogs would take to kill all the mice. Soon, these mice owners began creating their trademarks by choosing one particular breed of mice and then using them in the pits. Since the supply from the mice-catchers wasn’t dependable, they began breeding these mice on their own. Different owners would have different types of mice. Once the sport declined in popularity, the practice of breeding mice hung on as a hobby.

Pet mice varieties are differentiated on the basis of their coat, their colour as well as their markings. Irrespective of whether you want to become a breeder or are just looking for a fun pet, these pet mice varieties can be a joy to own.

Based on their markings, you can pick one of the many pet mice varieties such as the Berkshire, which has a white underbody, or the Hooded mouse, which as the name suggests, has a coloured patch on its head running all the way down its neck. There are other pet mice varieties as well, such as the capped mouse which has a coloured patch on its head only and much more.

Based on the coat of the mouse, you can pick a Satin variety which has a long coat that’s thin and silky or pick a Rex with curly hair all over its body and even as the whiskers. In case you are looking for something really unique, then the hairless pet mice varieties offer a wonderful change from the regular mice that you normally see. These mice come in semi-hairless forms, where they have patches of hair all over their otherwise nude bodies, or are completely hairless. These pet mice varieties require a bit more attention and care than the normal mice and should only be chosen if you are willing to put in that extra bit.

Pet mice varieties are also differentiated on the basis of their body types. The “Dumbo” is a popular variety that gets its name from the cartoon character with the same name. It has low, but large, ears that are placed on the side of its head while their body is a bit stout. You can also pick the “Manx” variety where, like Manx cats, these mice have small or no tails at all. However, Manx mice are prone to heat exhaustion due to their negligible tails and should be avoided unless you can offer them proper care.

Owning a mouse is a great hobby irrespective of your ultimate goal of owning them. They are a lot of fun to look at and if you have children, they are a great way to teach them responsibility. So head out to the nearest breeder or pet shop and check out all the pet mice varieties to pick your favourite.