The Eclectus parrot is a medium-size parrot standing around 35 cm high. Throughout the world they are seen as one of the most favourite parrots to have a pet and with good reason

  • they are extremely inquisitive and friendly
  • they are excellent talkers
  • they are beautiful to look at
  • they are relatively easy to breed

Eclectus parrots are sexually dimorphic, meaning it is easy to tell the difference between males and females by their colour. The males are bright green with red and blue under their wings and have a bright orange beak. Females on the other hand have a bright red head back is purple as is the chest and they have a black beak.

Whilst keeping Eclectus parrots can be most rewarding, they do have substantial care needs. Eclectus parrot is a rainforest bird, and as much as possible should be done to mimic its rainforest surroundings, for example: –

  • Eclectus parrots love to bathe and shower, they used to sitting in a rainforest. Ideally, they would have access to pool to bathe in, with a sprinkler set on a timer to run to say half an hour during the warm part of the day. If you live in an especially hot and dry area, I would recommend running a sprinkler at least twice a day.
  • They are very social birds and should be kept in pairs or groups. This is not apparent that will thrive itself in a small cage. They require a large aviary in which they can fly around in.
  • Eclectus parrots have extremely high vitamin A requirements, thus they require a special diet – the average parrot food is not going to suffice.
  • Eclectus parrots also have high vitamin D requirements and they did not try when kept indoors. It is not possible to replace the vitamin D they would normally require through sunlight via vitamin supplements as the amount they would need to take would damage their livers.

Setting up an aviary
ideally there will be two parts to Eclectus parrot Avery the sheltered area where your parrots can sit rest shelter from the extreme heat or extreme rain, and the flight area where they can fly for exercise and entertainment. I recommend a flight of least 8 m long 2.5 m high and 1.8 m wide with a sheltered area at one end roughly the same height and 2.5 m²

Your parrots will require several soft wooden perches preferably wood with bark that they can chew on. They like to chew on blossoms and bark so at least weekly provide them with branches cut from blossoming trees. They should have areas to roost but a predominantly in the sunlight during the day as well is purchase that in the shade.

Eclectus parrots are social birds and you can keep multiple pairs in one Avery but don’t overdo it free pairs in Avery just described is plenty. In the wild an Eclectus parrot would breed in a hollow section of a tree so to promote reading you will need to provide the equivalent.

In nature there is that they live are warm, soapy live in a colder area you may need to bring them inside during the colder months or to provide some form of heating in the Avery at night. You can purchase a aviaries that are designed exactly to this purpose(having an area that can be easily heated.

What Else?

  • As you might expect with a very social bird, they can be very noisy. Eclectus parrot is not necessarily the right choice for apartment living.
  • Don’t get an Eclectus parrot on a whim. They need company and attention, and will likely become distressed it is not provided. Expected lifespan in captivity is 35 to 50 years, some Eclectus parrot is forever. A captive bred Eclectus parrot would not survive in the wild so if you are no longer able to keep your parrot you would need to find a new home for it

keeping Eclectus parrots can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable and help provide many hours of entertainment. They are lots of work, they are not suitable pets for a child they are more a hobby in all for an enthusiast.