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Ragdolls of Tanjirra is a reputable and dedicated breeding business specializing in the exquisite Ragdoll cat breed. Located in a serene setting, our cattery is committed to producing healthy, well-socialized Ragdoll kittens that make wonderful companions for families and individuals alike. Our breeding program focuses on maintaining the breed’s distinctive characteristics, including their striking blue eyes, silky fur, and gentle temperament.

At Ragdolls of Tanjirra, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our cats, ensuring they receive the highest quality care and attention. Our breeding cats are screened for genetic health issues to uphold the breed’s standards and produce kittens with excellent health and temperament. We take pride in our ethical breeding practices and strive to provide a loving environment for our cats and their offspring.

With a passion for the Ragdoll breed and a commitment to excellence, Ragdolls of Tanjirra is dedicated to connecting loving homes with these beautiful and affectionate cats. Whether you are a seasoned Ragdoll enthusiast or new to the breed, we welcome you to explore our cattery and discover the joy of owning a Ragdoll cat from Ragdolls of Tanjirra.