Not quite as true as the name implies four eyed fish in fact only have two eyes, the two eyes do have the most unique configuration. Their eyes are proportionally large and bulbous much like that of a frog in a position to on the top of the fishes head. Halfway down a rise they are divided by a band called epithelium and thus are divided into separate upper and lower sections complete with separate corneas and separate witness.

The section of the eyes that protrudes above the water is able to scan the surface of the water for this fishes insect prey was the section of the eyes below the water are able to continue scanning the larger fish seeking to ambush the four eyed fish from below. The shape of the lens from the four eyed fishes eyes is a shaped as opposed to being convex thus allowing it to simultaneously focus on the two images one above and one below the water. So though the four eyed fish really only has two eyes these two eyes function as if they were for.

They’re not terribly suitable as aquarium fish was a startled by sudden movement from below their escape instinct will be activated and will flick their tail and jump a fair distance out of the water. The result will be either a four eyed fish on your carpet or a four eyed fish banging its head into the glass lid of the fish tank. Even so they are a most curious animal and thus worthy of being in our strange pets section.

Curiously the four eyed fish has been used as an example of both proof that evolution must exist – with evolution the only possible explanation for a fish acquiring this remarkable defensive ability in addition to being used as proof of creationism because how on earth could such a strange and wonderful creature had come about other than through intelligent design.