Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish



If you like to keep fish that are both interesting to look at and great to show off, you might like to consider Koi, which are a type of Asian ornamental carp fish. Koi come in a range of bright colours and patterns; e.g. black with coloured triangles, or




Loaches are freshwater fishes of the family Cobitidae, small benthic (bottom-dwelling) fishes with a flattened ventral profile. There are 160 different species of them. Loaches are mostly scavengers and are omnivorous, usually not very picky about their f


Setting Up An Aquarium


Place the empty aquarium and stand on a flat solid surface in a well lit position but not in direct sunlight. Place a flat piece of Styrofoam on the stand beneath the tank, this will prevent it smashing if the tank is jarred. Direct sunlight will heat th

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So you want to buy some fishes and set up an aquarium


It is easy to decide that owning an aquarium would be a nice idea, but it can be difficult to know just where and how to start. These are the questions you must ask yourself first. What size aquarium can I accommodate (and afford)? What sort of fishes wo

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Viral Fish Diseases


LymphocystisSymptoms: Nodular white swellings (cauliflower) on fins or body.Lymphocystis is a virus and, being a virus, affects the cells of the fish. It usually manifests itself as abnormally large white lumps (cauliflower) on the fins or other parts of

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