One of the most unique pets you can get is an amphibian. These animals are interesting to watch through their life cycle. They start out as an egg and then hatch into a larval form with gills that lives in the water. As the amphibian matures, it turns into a completely different creature, one that breathes air instead of water. If you are interested in this type of pet, you may also be interested to know that keeping these pets is called herpetoculture, and those who do this are called herpetoculturists. Most people don’t know these terms, so it is much easier to just say you keep amphibians as pets.

Having amphibian pets is more of a hobby, as you will not use these animals for a companion. In most cases, it can be dangerous to both amphibian and owner for the animal to be handled routinely. These pets are more for observation than anything else.

Common Amphibian Pets

The most common amphibians to keep as pets include frogs, toads and salamanders. However, there are other amphibians that it is possible to keep as pets. You must look at how difficult it may be to create a suitable environment for the amphibian, and care for it properly when making a decision about which amphibians you will have for a pet.

It is not difficult to care for an amphibian pet. They are very low maintenance pets. However, there are some things you will need to do. You will need to keep their cage clean, for one thing. You will also need to feed them regularly. You will also need to make sure that their water is of a quality they can live in. Most amphibians require a partial water environment free from chlorine and chemicals. These chemicals can make amphibians very ill or can be fatal to them. You should also remember that most amphibians are nocturnal, so you should keep them in an area that will not disturb you or others while you sleep.

Where to Get Your Amphibians
Most pet stores are not equipped to handle amphibians. They deal more in traditional pets like cats, dogs and fish. In order to get a good amphibian, you may have to visit a herp club. These clubs are especially founded in order to provide amphibians and amphibian support to herpetoculturists. These clubs will not only provide you with an amphibian, but they will be able to give you a lot of great advice such as which type of amphibian you may want to keep, care instructions, and problems you may come up against as well as the solutions. Your local pet shop will not be able to provide this information and support, as they will not have detailed knowledge about things like enclosure sizes, lighting, heating, health tips, and water purification methods.

Keeping Frogs as Pets
In Australia, frogs are a protected species. You cannot legally capture them and keep them as pets. Any frog kept as a pet must be registered with the state in which you live. They must be captive-bred as well, not caught wild. Each state has its own regulations about keeping frogs, and you should contact your local authorities to ensure you remain within the letter of the law.

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