Goffin’s cockatoo is a native of Indonesia’s home being the forests of theTanimbar Islands. Illegal hunting and encroachments on their habitat have resulted in this cockatoo appearing on the list of threatened species. In fact there are more birds in captivity in the wild. If you are considering obtaining a Goffin’s cockatoo as a pet, please do ensure you take care to buy one that he has been bred in captivity rather than taken from the wild.

Goffin’s Cockatoo Appearance
a 30 cm high they are one of the smallest of the cockatoo is smaller even than a medium-sized parrot. They are predominantly white with a touch of yellow brown eyes, under the wings on their tail. The area between the beach and the eyes exhibits salmon pink tinged letters.

They have a less pronounced crest and other cockatoo is, they beat and legs are like grey. I colour differs from female to male with the males having black eyes females having brown. Being a small cockatoo that lifespan is not as long as the larger cockatoos and only 40 years – this is still a considerable time.

What is a Goffin’s cockatoo like as a pet?
The Goffin’s cockatoo is a highly intelligent and comical character. They love to play with toys, and a very inquisitive with puzzles. Expect yours to have a good go at learning how to open the cage door. In the wild they are very social birds and in captivity this translates to a bird that requires lots of attention and will enjoy lots of close contact with its human.

They are very active and when kept in a cage need lots of toys to entertain them and they will also need a lot of time out of their cage. This out of cage time is required to their physical and mental health. Please note you should always be around when you’re cockatoo is out of its cage – don’t just open the cage door and lead to the day.

Whilst the Goffin’s cockatoo is very social they are not great talkers. It is possible they will learn a few words, but nothing like as many as other breeds of cockatoo. Their popularity stems from their desire for attention and social behaviour rather than their ability to hold a conversation.

If you’re cockatoo is left alone for long periods expect it to become a screamer, where it is in fact calling other cockatoo is to come and keep it company. So if you live in apartment and worked 12 hour days – don’t expect a Christmas card from your neighbours.

Goffin’s cockatoo is like music and many will dance around bobbing up and down to a tune that are extremely entertaining funny curious and lovable.

How do I care for and feed the Goffin’s Cockatoo?
Goffin’s cockatoo is can be kept in either a large Aviary if they are to be kept outdoors, or a large cockatoo cage, roughly a metre high and 2 m². In either situation they require space and time to fly around every day.

Leave your Goffin’s cockatoo is fairly simple – your pet food supplier should be up to provide a mix of pellets and seeds. You’ll need to supplement this with some cooked meat, a variety of vegetables a specially green vegetables like spinach and broccoli and seasonal fruit. A cuttlebone attached to the cage will provide both entertainment, beak health and calcium requirements.



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