Pets can be many things to their owners, and there are many great reasons to have a pet. The most common reason for a person to have a pet is for companionship. Pets make wonderful companions, because they are generally loyal and affectionate. However, there are many other reasons to get a pet.

Some pets can be kept as hobbies. You can get a pet that is a show animal, and make a hobby of caring for it, training it, and taking it to different dog shows. This is a great way to spend your time, and can be very beneficial to your pet as well.

Getting a pet can also be a step toward personal growth. You can learn to share love, give affection and attention to a pet, which can in turn teach you much about your own relationships. It can also prepare you for the trials of having a child, and how to give love and affection and also discipline to someone or something that you love.

Another reason you should have a pet is for your physical and mental health. It is estimated that people with pets, particularly dogs, live up to ten years longer than people who never have a pet. This is because when you have a pet you are much happier than when you do not have a pet. Having a pet allows you to experience less stress, which can play a major role in poor health. You will also find that you have an excuse to get up and about and get some exercise when you have a pet, particularly a dog. The animal needs exercise also, and you can enjoy the time together.

In addition, a pet will allow you to have a sense of security. The pet will be able to notify you if a burglar is about to enter the house. Dogs can also offer security when you are out walking alone at night. Pets of nearly any kind will make some type of noise when they see a stranger, so most any pet is good for a sense of security.

Finally, pets are great for children because they are a huge responsibility. You can get a pet for your child to teach them responsibility. They must be put in charge of caring for the pet, such as taking it for walks, making sure it is let outside to use the bathroom, feeding it, and bathing it. This will teach them how to care for another living being, which will prepare them for parenthood in the future. It will also teach them about having responsibility that must be met in order for rewards to occur.

All in all, having a pet is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. It is recommended that everyone has a pet. Even if you do not get a dog or cat due to space or time commitment issues, there are other pets you can have that make great hobbies or interesting conversation pieces, such as snakes or fish.