The Shikoku Dog is a Japanese dog, designated as a precious natural object, like the Akita Dog and Kishu Dog.

Shikoku Dogs are generally bred in remote villages in the mountains of Japan so the breed if fairly pure with no few cross breeds this breed has rarely been crossed with other breeds. The breed is rare both within and outside Japan.

This dog has more pointed features than other Japanese dogs, they are both cautious and brave and loyal

The dog is sometimes used to chase wild boars to let it maintain its wild nature.

Rarely seen for sale as a pet outside of Japan, their loyal nature does lend them to being excellent pets for those with the time to spend with them. They require lots of exercise, and will form a protective bond with their family

The Shikoku is a Japanese purebred dog from Shikoku island that is similar to a Shiba Inu. It is cautious and brave with good judgement. It is also loyal to its master. It has sharper features than most Japanese dogs and is sometimes allowed to chase wild boar so it will maintain its nature.


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