The rainbow fish is a popular and easy care for aquarium fish that is native to Australia New Guinea as a nearby islands. The name comes from their rainbow sheen, there are no fuss fish, are generally good in a tank with other species and are easy to breed. In the wild they congregate in small schools and will do better with six or more in the one tank.

The sheen of the rainbow fish will appear different depending on several factors. The angle of the light shining into the tank, the colour of the sandal substrate in your tank and also on the mood of your fish which is old and modify the sheen as a show of dominance aggression. The rainbow appearance will be more obvious in a tank where the back of the tank is dark and the majority of light comes in the top front of the tank

most rainbow fish are highly tolerant of changes in water condition including swings in pH and temperature. In the wild many of them live in areas where water to which may differ by as much as 20° between summer and winter.

They are not fussy eaters and elite almost any type of fish food, clothing flake or sunken. They will also nibble on any we’d like plants in your aquarium.

Rainbows are  prolific breeders and need little encouragement the males will attract females with heightened colour display is the female is receptive conception will occur until the positive eggs on aquatic plants. These eggs will hatch after 7 to 10 days I do recommend you remove the eggs from your main aquarium is fish eggs are food.

The name rainbow fish obviously refers to a group of fish and thus there are many different varieties. It’s lucky the local shop or retail aquarium will have several different varieties

We highly recommend the Australian native rainbow fish is a cold water addition to your aquarium – it’s always good to have one species in the tank that is not going to cause you trouble.