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Pyrenean Mountain Dog – Great Pyrenees
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Pyrenean Mountain Dog – Great Pyrenees 

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as the Great Pyrenees, is a large breed of dog that was traditionally used for protecting sheep. It is an ancient breed, and has been used for thousands of years by the Basques of the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France; more recently, it was the official dog of the royal French court.

Males are usually about 100 pounds while females are only 85 pounds. Their fluffy coats make them appear to be a dog of great substance, however if their bones and muscles are felt, one would feel that they are dogs of medium substance. They are typically white but can have some markings in gray, tan, or badger.

Loyal and protective of its territory, it makes a great family dog. This dog is not for everyone, as its white coat sheds frequently and spreads huge amounts of fur throughout the house, and its deep booming bark can annoy neighbors if left outside continuously. Furthermore, this is not simply an overgrown Golden Retriever, and interested owners should familiarise themselves with the tempermant and characteristics of the flock guardian breeds before considering this dog. Best suited for folks with a large yard(and a large pooper scooper), it enjoys walks and attention, and loves children. Obedience training at a young age is a must, as this breed grows large and strong and is best suited for someone capable of handling a large dog.

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