During this Covid-19 pandemic, people have been put into various stressful situations. Having the fear of widespread infection, the Australian government has imposed strict lockdown rules within the country. People who are afraid of contracting the virus have opted to stay inside their homes unless they need to purchase food and other necessities. Staying cooped up inside a house for long periods of time can make a person develop anxiety and stress. People need to find some companions to veer their attention away from the things that are stressing them. This is where the importance of having pets during this pandemic comes into the picture. 

Pets And Covid

Pets are known to bring joy to their households. There are different kinds of animals that make great pets. However, during a pandemic, there are some limitations on the kinds of animals that people should consider getting. With the need for people to avoid roaming in public during the pandemic, the kinds of pets these people should get are those that do not need to be walked in public. Unless homeowners have properties that are large enough for their pets to run around within the premises, it would be safer to get pets that would be fine staying inside the house for a significant amount of time.

With that being said, the best kinds of animals that may be taken in as pets during this pandemic include guinea pigs, cats, turtles, and other low-maintenance types of pets. The government has reported that there are different types of coronaviruses, not specifically Covid-19, that may infect animals. In relation to the Covid-19 virus, there has been no concrete evidence that domestic animals in Australia can be infected with this specific virus.

However, people are still advised to take precautions as animals that may get infected can get sick. With regards to pets spreading Covid-19 to their owners, the World Organisation of Animal Health has made it clear that there has still been no evidence of this. It has been through human-to-human contacts that Covid-19 outbreaks happen. 

Pets And Living Alone

Living alone during the pandemic can add more fuel to the fire. Without the availability of family members or friends, this can lead to negative mental effects on a person. Sadness is one of the main problems that is caused by living alone. By adding fear caused by the pandemic, people may be put into situations that they would need alcohol and drugs to keep them sane and remove their attention away from the things that are causing them to build up anxiety. Having pets during this troubling time will give these people positive distractions instead of alcoholism and drug use.

One of the best kinds of pets that can calm people who live alone in this pandemic is a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are small animals with low maintenance requirements. The way they move and interact can help their owners relax their minds. Add their cuteness to these other factors and people will just smile and be in awe at the sight of their rodent pets. To add to the happiness that these pets can bring, the owners may also experience health benefits that include lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol levels, and reduction of the feeling of loneliness. 

Pets And Maintenance

With regards to the food for these guinea pigs, there are multiple online stores that have delivery services within Australia. These stores make it more convenient for pet owners to provide for their guinea pigs. In addition, it is not advised to feed guinea pigs too much food. Depending on the weight of the guinea pig, it may require less than one cup of food pellets or leafy vegetables to feed it for one day. When it comes to veterinary services, guinea pigs are considered to be exotic pets. There are many veterinarians that offer services for guinea pigs. They even offer home services to these pets, as long as they are able to find convenient times. Appointments can be booked online on their websites. 

Stay Happy and Get a Pet

You should always consider choosing the healthier and safer options to cope with this Covid-19 pandemic. Forget resorting to drinking alcohol and using drugs to take your mind away from the problems. Getting a pet, like a guinea pig, is the more satisfying choice for you. Companionship is what you need at this time. Choose one that will not be giving you trouble as you try to live and survive every single day of this pandemic.