Do you really Love your Pets?… Then why use chemicals on them?… If you won’t put it on yourself… don’t put it on your pets. “Aussie Bush” Remedies contain Natural Active Constituents: Mother Nature provides from the Aussie Bush. No chemicals or preservatives. No known side effects. “Aussie Bush”Remedies are not imaged. The Formulations are Authentic & proven efficacious by a Veterinary Surgeon; in the treatment of skin irritations in dogs and cats. Paracitical mange is commonly known as Summer Itch. There is four products sold as a program for this disease: Wash, Ointment,Cream and Pour-on-Oil. The Pour-on-Oil is just as effective on feathered friends. It restores new growth of feathers where moult or itch has gone beyond no return. Extracts from a breeder of Labrador Retrievers for over thirty years. Having a double coat, they are prone to Eczema,Summer Itch, and Dermatitis. Mainly at the base of the tail,where they can chew to relieve the itch.This has been an ongoing problem,’till I discovered “Aussie Bush”Remedies. The symptons were quickly cured,and the ointment promoted regrowth of hair. I can highly recommend this product to all pet lovers.The range of preparations were soothing to the skin,painless to apply and pleasant to smell. I have found “Aussie Bush” Remedies a viable alternative to cortisone creams,which are known to have undesirable side effects. Testimony from Joan king. B.Sc. Gen.Sc. Syd. University. Charissma Smith B.V.Sc.Dip A Veterinary Surgeon conducted trials,and submitted data to the Queensland D.P.I.Brisbane.The Veterinary Technologist said all four products in the range of “Aussie Bush” Remedies worked well together to eradicate parasites from the skin.Soothing irritated skin, and aids in hair regrowth. Clinical tests state that the ointment seems to make hair regrow quite quickly when parasites are eradicated. These products were passed by the Queensland D.P.I. based on claims from tests that were conducted by the vet. Registered in January 1991 Registeration No. Stock Medicine. 2279.V.4 Wash 2279.V.5 Cream 2279.V.3 Ointment 2279.V.2 Pour-on-Oil