Mypets has automated systems in place to prevent fake ads being added to its system. We prevent ads being placed from outside of Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. We phone ads we think are suspicious to see if there is a real person at the other end. We delete clearly fake ads, and ban IP addresses from using our system where the user is clearly abusing it.

Whilst we investigate every report of abuse of the classifieds board, there will be times when a classified is not in fact genuine. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the classifieds section, and recommend you look out for

a. Fake Credentials. If a classified owner claims membership of an organization such as the AKC, ensure you check their registration details with the relevant organization.

b. Address Changes. If the classified owner add says they are in England, but then at the last moment they give some reason for the money being wired to Africa? it’s not going to end well. Don’t do it.

c. If it sounds too good to be true? It likely is. A breeding pair of Bernese Mountain dogs for $250 to a good home as the owner has to leave town? Beware.
d. You are where? Be especially aware of advertisements where the seller is in Africa. They have just moved there? No. They haven’t. It’s a scam.

Some tips.

  1. Ask for references that can be validated.
  2. ALL breeders of every pet type should be registered. Registration, can be checked, if they are not registered, beware.
  3. No breeder can offer a pet 100% guaranteed free of health problems. Such animals don’t exist.
  4. No breeder can get around Australian animal importation laws. People offering Monkeys, Savannah Cats for sale, cannot deliver these animals.
  5. Offer to pay using an escrow agent, or by credit card.
  6. Ask the advertiser to email you a scanned copy of their registration details and drivers licence.
  7. Call the advertiser, on the phone! The internet does not prevent good old conversation!
  8. Most breeders will not ship to other countries. If a breeder is offering to, likely, they are not genuine.


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