While adult dogs are most often fed only once or perhaps twice a day puppies need the more frequently. Initially after being weaned they should be fed three times a day dropping back to around 10 to 12 weeks with a morning and evening feed. We recommend choosing a dry food that is designed especially to puppies as opposed to a generic dogfood sold at a discount price. The brand-name dogfood is more expensive, but it is also better.

If you have a very small or very large breed of dog to look the specialist dogfoods. The existence of specialist dogfood is not a gimmick, they may contain nutrition levels designed especially to the rate of growth expected of your dog.

you should feed your puppy is much they care to eat in 15 min, after that period should remove their food dish. By allowing them to eat on demand this encourages them to overheat and become overweight. In the wild their ancestors the wolf certainly did not have this luxury. This rule should apply into adult would with mature dogs having a small morning meal and a larger evening meal, some owners prefer it can only drive in the morning and can feed in the evening.

People food?
Don’t feed your dog scraps from the table or food you are eating. The starters it will be far too difficult to gauge their calorie intake, you will also be encouraging bad behaviour such as begging in any case your food is not suited to a puppy and can cause them digestive problems. If you do wish to give your puppy treat especially when doing puppy training you special puppy treats from the pet shop. Remember that these treats are just that – treats.they are not go to play a major role in the nutrition of your dog or puppy and they should be given sparingly. Big brand advertising tells the canned dog food is what we should be giving our dogs, but from a nutrition perspective dry food is equally as good is much cheaper and easier to use and is better for their teeth

Do not give people food. If you start with a balanced diet and add goodies from the table, you won’t have a balanced diet anymore, and your puppy will have more digestive trouble. Treats that are reasonably balanced, such as

Chew Treats, Bones and Toys
Expect if you keep your puppy someone to chew on that at some point it is going to swallow it, to ensure all of your puppies chew toys are edible and easily digested. Cook chicken bones ribs and pork bones are a recipe for disaster in your puppies belly. Blocked digestive tract is no laughing matter and is likely to be fatal to your puppy without surgical intervention. Don’t let your puppy have old bones either – the older dog most likely has a tougher gut and can deal with high levels of bacteria in their food this will only cause diarrhoea in your puppy which is miserable and everyone including them.

Consider giving your puppy and bone might try aflavored Nylabone or Nylafloss chew toys.they are far less likely to cause problems with spelling, and they are much better their teeth