A cat is a type of pet that is proud and particular about what it wants. There can be times when your cat would accept anything you give it, may it be food or specific methods of petting that you would prefer. However, there are also times when you will be left wondering what has gotten into your pet because it may suddenly reject your petting or become fussy with the food it wants to eat. There may be various reasons why your pet may become fussy over many things.

Why Do Cats Become Fussy with Food?
This is a question that many cat owners may have asked themselves. When cats become picky with their food, this becomes frustrating to their owners. However, instead of being left befuddled, it is highly advised that owners try to look into what is causing their cats to become choosy. You may refer below to some of the common reasons why cats become fussy with their food:

It may be due to health issues.
Oral health issues are some of the main reasons that a cat may suddenly become choosy with its food. A cat may have tooth abscess, which would make it feel uncomfortable when eating hard types of food, such as commercial cat food. Also, a cat may develop allergies to certain types of food, which makes it avoid them.

Your cat may be under stress or anxiety.
Cats are known to thrive on following routines. Once a certain routine is broken, a cat may feel stressed or become anxious. One of the routines that cats do not like to have changes is their feeding times. Since cats can live without eating for more than a week, they can defer eating what their owners offer them because stress or anxiety may overpower the feeling of wanting to eat.

Your type of cat may not be the type to eat when there is an audience.
There are some cats that prefer to eat peacefully and quietly. If there is a group of people gathering near the area where your cat may be eating, it may feel uneasy and avoid touching its food due to the distraction from the crowd.

It may not be hungry.
Unless you are sure that your cat has no access to other sources of food, then one of the reasons why your pet may suddenly become a fussy eater is because it may have eaten something without your knowledge. It is possible that your cat may have found some food crumbs or caught something that it suddenly ingested.

How To Feed A Fussy Cat?
Seeing that there are both controllable and uncontrollable factors that turn your cats into fussy eaters, you must be ready to face and solve these issues. Below are some methods that you may follow to feed your fussy cat:

You should follow a feeding routine.
This is very crucial because you may use this routine as a basis to find out the reasons why your cat suddenly becomes a fussy eater. By targeting the cat’s fondness for following routines, you are ensuring that your cat does not have reasons to become stressed or anxious. A feeding routine is not only about the feeding schedule, but it should also include the types of food that you feed your cat. This will help you develop a better understanding of the preferences your cat has when it comes to its food.

During your cat’s feeding schedule, promptly put its food in its favourite spot in the house. Let the food stay in place for at most 30 minutes. If your cat does not touch its food within the allotted time, remove the food from its spot after 30 minutes have passed. Repeat the process during its next meal time. By this time your cat should be hungry enough, and it may stop refusing the food you are offering it.

Immediately contact a veterinarian if your cat does not eat after 24 hours.
When your cat avoids eating for a whole day, it may be a sign that it is feeling sick. You should not hesitate to bring your cat to a veterinary clinic to have it tested. Getting professional help for your pet may save it from getting into fatal conditions.
Play with your cat and gently pet it before it’s mealtime.

To ensure that your pet will be hungry come its mealtime, you can play with it. By letting your cat be active before its mealtime, it will not be able to resist its food due to hunger. After playing with your cat, give it time to calm down by petting it gently just before you serve its food.

Feed your cat a mixture of dry and wet food.
By giving your cat different types of food, it will be able to develop a wider sense for what it is allowed to eat. Cats love to eat food that they find to have enticing aromas. You may heat up some of the food you are giving to your cat to enhance the aroma the food is giving off to your pet. This is also a way for you to find out which food your cat prefers to eat. If you see it avoiding certain types of food, this will be a sign that you should not feed them to your cat in the future.

Make sure that the cat’s environment and food dish are regularly cleaned.
You should never forget the fact that cats do not like messy or dirty areas. They are particular with cleanliness. If there is an odour that your pet does not like, it may lose its appetite and avoid eating even if it is hungry.