Being naturally bold and curious – the world inside and outside the home is one big exciting playground to them – kittens can get into all sorts of trouble and distress if left to their own devices. A kitten that becomes a cat will at some stage become street smart to a degree but don’t expect your kitten to know what to do with a busy road. Many dogs will ignore a kitten, but hounds and herding breeds will always seek to chase, or round him up. Other larger more dominant cats may see kitten as a threat to be kept inline. Wildlife can also be a danger.

Editor’s note – I live in Byron Bay adjacent to a nature reserve. We regularly have Eastern Brown Snakes in our yard but even worse – a four metre diamond python who has been known to eat full grown cats and small dogs.

Even inside can be a dangerous place. A kitten is very likely at some stage to wander into a cupboard and get stuck inside. Not great if you then go out for the day and they are left with no food or water. Power cords might seem like an ideal pouncing and chewing toy, but if used in such a way this poses a danger not just to the cat, but also to his humans.