Horses inhabit a unique place in the pet spectrum in that they can be companion, hobby animal means of transport our competitor in many ridden horse events – as well is being an excellent source of garden fertiliser!

Owning a horse can be very rewarding, but they are also time-consuming and expensive. Depending on the rainfall and soil fertility each horse needs between 5 to 20 acres of land in order to have sufficient room to roam and grass to feed on. Apart from grass most horses especially sport horses will be fed a variety of grains as part of their daily diet.

Horses are large animals and have large requirements. They come with large food bills, large vet bills(most often your vet will need to do a house call) large care bills and large fencing bills. Of course the many horse owners agree all of this is of course worth every penny for the pleasure they receive in from riding their horse for fun or in competition.

As with dogs there are many different breeds of horse, the most popular being the Arabian, the American Quarter horse, paint horses, miniature horses, the thoroughbred, the Appaloosa, the Morgan horse, the Tennessee walking horse, the Welsh pony and Cobb and the Andalusian.

It is most important to research your horse before considering a purchase. Will the horse be suitable to your level of riding skill? Is the horse could be suitable to your intended use for example are you going to enter your horse in showjumping competitions, perhaps you are only interested in casual trail riding. Is the horse large enough for you or is too large? What is the health history of your desired horse. Is it a wild horse or is it calm? Does it socialise well with other horses or does it prefer its own company in the paddock?

Before buying a horse look at many, speak to many horse owners and always get that inspection prior to purchase.

Breton Horse


The Breton horse is a small draft breed that comes from the Brittany region of France. It is shorter and more compact than its larger draft cousins, and has been used for every type of activity from farming to war. With an intelligent eye and a calm perso

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Bronc Riding


Bronc riding an exhilarating, rough-and-tumble rodeo competition where the best and bravest cowboys face off as over 1,000 pounds of pure muscle attempts to throw them off. Bronc riding can be divided into two divisions: saddle bronc and bareback bronc. I

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Buckskin Horse


The term "Buckskin" refers to color and not to a breed. However, buckskin registries do exist to promote the breeding of this color. A true buckskin horse has a color like that of a tanned deer hide, with a black mane and tail, black socks on the legs, a

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Budenny Horse


The Budenny horse is relatively new to the equine world, first created in the 1920s by Bolshevik horse breeder Marshall Semyon Budyonny. Budyonny was a commander who sought to create a breed of horse that would be capable of participating in battle, which

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Buzkashi is a mounted game originating in Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan, in which players attempt to pick a goat or calf carcass off of the ground, carry it to a goal, and throw it into the goal in order to score points.


Calf Roping


Calf roping is a rodeo sport in which a rider attempts to rope a calf with a lasso while atop a horse. The rider must then dismount the horse and tie the calf down, wrapping the rope around three legs. The calf must remain tied for six seconds in order fo

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Camargue Equitation


Camargue is a unique area in southern France in which modern cowboys herd Camargue cattle with the beautiful breed called the Camargue horse. The name has come to represent the region, the horse and the cattle. The word equitation represents the style of

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Camargue Horse


The Camargue horse is an ancient, semi-feral breed of horse native to the wetlands at the mouth of the Rhone River region of France. They are named for this area of France also known as the Camargue. These horses are extremely hardy and have been making t

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Canadian Horse


The Canadian Horse is relatively rare at present, having been brought back from near-extinction. It is likely there are only about 6,000 of the breed worldwide. This very distinct breed, believed to be of Breton, Norman and Andalusian origin, was first se

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Carthusian Horse


The Carthusian horse, or Cartujano, is the purest form of the Andalusian breed. It is also considered the oldest branch of Andalusians, making it a very prestigious horse to own. With one of the oldest stud books in the world, these horses' roots can be t

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The CASPIAN horse is maybe the most fascinating of the world's ancient horse breeds. It represents a uniquely important link between the early forms of Equus and the hot blooded "desert" or "plateau" horses from which the modern light horses have evolved

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Charreada is a style of rodeo that originated in Mexico and is still a rich part of Mexican tradition and culture. The rodeo sports showcase the skills of the ranchers who worked on haciendas in Mexico, training and herding animals.


Chilean Horse


The Chilean Horse is a brave and attractive horse with a compelling history. It is the oldest breed in South America and the first breed of stock horse to be on a registry in the Western Hemisphere. It is known in Chile as "Caballo Chileno."

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Chuckwagon Racing


Chuckwagon racing is an exciting sport that plays tribute the cross-country wagon rides of early North American settlers. In chuckwagon racing, a team of participants race across the track. Since the first Calgary Stampede, chuckwagon teams of drivers and

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Cleveland Bay Horse


The beautiful, strong Cleveland Bay horse is one of the oldest indigenous breeds found in Great Britain. These warm blood originated in in the Cleveland district of Yorkshire and were developed from the Chapman horse. "Chapmen" were peddlers who roamed th

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Clydesdale Horse


The CLYDESDALE was first developed around 250 years ago, in the Clyde Valley, Scotland and is one of the best known heavy horses. The breed was founded between 1715 and 1720, when the 6th Duke of Hamilton imported Flemish horses to improve and increase th

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Competitive Trail Riding


Competitive trail riding is a sport of endurance and skill in which horse and take part in a long-distance journey, traveling anywhere from 15 to 40 miles in a given day. Trail rides are organized in day trips or even multiple day journeys. The main diffe

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Comtois Horse


The Comtois is a very ancient breed of horse. It is believed that they originated in the fourth century from German that was imported. It is also thought that their appearance is very similar to the foundations of the breed, and that they have not chang

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Connemara Pony


The Connemara Pony is an amazing and well loved little equine specimen. This breed can be found all over the world, winning hearts with its ability to do almost anything with a kind and loving disposition. They not only please the eye but have a nice, bal

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Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Cowboy mounted shooting is an exciting and fast-paced event in which riders shoot at targets will moving in patterns through the arena at a gallop. The sport requires precision, excellent riding skill and shooting accuracy. Cowboy mounted shooting is popu

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Cowboy Polo


Cowboy Polo is similar to its British counterpart, traditional polo, in the game format, although most other aspects of the game are different. Cowboy Polo is a mounted sport in which riders attempt to score on the opponent

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