The Siberian Husky has become an extremely popular dog choice in the last thirty years. Almost unknown before the 1980s this dog is now well recognised in Australia and the rest of the world.

The Siberian Husky’s distinctive mask and dark tipped ears give it the resemblance of a wolf. They are generally bi-coloured but can also be grey-white, black- white or rust red- white. Some are also pure white. They generally have blue eyes but some have brown and occasionally you find a dog with one blue and one brown eye.

These dogs have a double coat with fine short hair mixed with longer coarser hair. This provides excellent insulation for the cold climate to which they are accustomed. They shed their coats twice a year and, during these times of the year, it will be necessary to brush them daily. Be prepared for a lot of fur. A good vacuum cleaner with a pet hair head will become your second best friend.

Huskies are intelligent and alert dogs and some authorities on dog behaviour believe their temperament is quite close to that of a wolf. They are pack animals and some of the breed may have a keen interest in elevating their position in your family pack.