What is a treat and why do we give them to our dogs?

Treats can be defined very officially as something like “a gift that gives great pleasure” or “food given as an expression of friendly regard”… but in general terms, a treat is really just something to show your friends a little bit of love.

Dogs understand food, much better than thankyou cards or flowers, so the dog treats that work best are usually the edible kind. That’s where dog treats come in, it’s a pretty simple equation for our furry friends; food = good times, really tasty food = really good times!

Sure, treats can be an incentive for training and encouraging good behaviour, but what about just showing a little appreciation for your dog and letting them know that you like them just the way they are?

Treats can be just that, a display of how much you enjoy your dog’s company and a declaration that you value their hair, their dribble and their bad doggy breath. Forget needing results from treats, just use them as a sure fire way to make dogs understand you love them.

There are all kinds of tips on the best treats to buy and which ones will work the best for those awesome