Pet rat food, as in the case of human food, needs to be nutritional and healthy. The ideal pet rat food is not just tasty for the rat, but also gives it the vital nutrients and energy that it requires to get through eat day of its life. Rats tend to love junk food however, it is extremely important to ensure that your pet rat food is healthy for your little lovable creature.

Pet rat food is not unlike most other types of pet food available in the market. Most pet stores tend to carry a number of brands of pet rat food. While most of it is whole-grain, they are not considered to be the ideal choice as they tend to have too much corn or seed, making it unsuitable for serving all the nutritional needs of your pet rat.

In processed pet food, rats tend to end up picking what they want and eating just that. This often leaves most of the food uneaten and the rats under-nourished. To avoid such a situation, it is always wise to stick to home-made food. However, Lab blocks are considered to be the most nutritional amongst the commercially available varieties and if not complete, the base of the meal can be made with these.

When preparing pet rat food, it is always important to understand that rats are omnivores and therefore, they would be more than willing to eat meat- and vegetable-based food. However, in home-made food, it is quite difficult to find out the exact amount of calories that are going in. Therefore, it is always considered wise to put in just a little bit of lab blocks in the food.

Home made diets also require a certain period of hit-and-trial. You will need to keep a track of what you are putting into the pet rat food, and then checking after each meal to see if the rat has left anything untouched. Despite their reputation, rats can be picky eaters. Slowly, you will need to eliminate all untouched food and find replacements for the nutrients that they would normally provide.

Pet rat food should not be the only meals that they are having each day. In addition to normal pet rat food, like humans, rats also have a craving for something special and it is always wise to give them some small treats. If you are not willing to give them plain popped corn, chicken and beef bones, chew biscuits, etc. then you can always choose to give them fruits and vegetables. However, a little indulgence every now and then can be overlooked.

Pet rat food should never exceed the amount that the rat can consume within a day. This ensures that the food remains fresh. Fresh water, preferably through a sipper, is the best thing. The sipper ensures that water is available through the day, while keeping it fresh.

If you are giving your rat dry and moist pet rat food, then it is always advisable to use two separate bowls in order to keep the dry food moisture-free. Pet rat food is best served in a stone bowl, or in crock, as they do have a tendency to chew through the bowl along with the food.

Having the right ingredients ensures that your pet rat food is ideal for your lovable pet. Remember that feeding a rat is just like feeding any human in that they both require nutritious food to stay healthy. Rats are extremely smart creatures that need mental & physical exercise and to ensure that they remain like that, make sure you feed the right pet rat food.

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