The Fleuve Horse is a light horse breed that was developed in the Senegal area of Western Africa by crossing by crossing Barb horses with a local pony breed – the result a small, hardy horse capable of a undertaking a variety of tasks including transport and light field work.

Bred entirely for use as a utility work horse with the show ring playing no role in their development, hardiness was been more important in their breeding than the ability to jump fences.

They are long lived, extremely hardy and have few health issues much like their ancestor the Barb Horse. Like the Barb, they are able to withstand extreme conditions of heat and cold, essential for them to be useful in Senegal. Typical of Barb origined breeds they are more often than not they are grey, but they are also seen in bay as well as brown. Both pony and horse sizes are seen, however tall pony size (14 hands) is most common.

In turn, the Fleuve horse has been crossed with the M’Bayar horse to create the Fouta breed of horse.

They are a rare breed, seldom seen outside Senegal and no known individuals exist in Australia.