The Snowshoe cat was only recognised as a breed a little less than three decades ago but has made a big impression in this short time. In the 1960s, the breed first came into being after cross-breeding between the Siamese and American Shorthair. As more and more breeders emerged, the Snowshoe was officially recognised in 1982.

While it took two decades for the breed to earn its stripes, the positive results are evident to all and sundry. The body type of the Snowshoe is clearly modelled on Siamese cats from decades previous, which highlights that breed’s role in the development of this cat. The eyes on a Snowshoe are round and blue and owners speak in glowing terms of the cat’s temperament. The Snowshoe makes the perfect pet at home and their eye-catching features are matched by a warm and loving personality. Despite these qualities though, the breed remains rare.

The Snowshoe is generally extremely active and should be kept busy by giving it an endless number of activities and tasks to perform. They tend to develop a strong affinity with their owner and stay close to them while providing plenty of affection. While they are watchful around strangers and often shy, they generally remain friendly. The Snowshoe’s change of personality around strangers is simply a reflection of their devotion to their owner. However they can also build a strong relationship -if given the chance -with other family pets.
In another positive, the breed is intelligent and has a tendency to respond well to instructions given during basic training and other activities. In summary, the breed loves to have fun and keep active, so keep the Snowshoe’s mind ticking over by providing some challenging activities. It is also important to be willing to snuggle up next to it. This will also help build a rewarding relationship.

There is little doubt that owners will receive the same love and affection back from the Snowshoe that they give out. However, while they need to feel loved and will reward that affection, the breed doesn‘t respond well to those who it considers won’t provide the necessary amount of love and affection. Another unusual characteristic worth noting is a Snowshoe’s love of water. Cats are notoriously water shy but you may find your Snowshoe is happy to get in the tub as the desire for a swim takes over!

The Snowshoe has a dark face and legs, but they can showcase white marks on their face, chest and stomach. The Snowshoe is an average size cat, but possesses enviable balance and agility. They are also well built. Overall, the breed is extremely attractive and easy on the eye. They should be allowed a little space, but also given the opportunity to become close with their family. The Snowshoe’s soft voice is another quality commented on by owners and breeders. It is one of the many positives of owning the breed which seem to far outweigh the negatives.

Overall, the Snowshoe is a loving and well mannered breed. Treat them right and the relationship will be rewarding for both you and your new cat.

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A London based Veterinary surgeon, Sanja is also an avid writer and pet advocate.