The Singapura cat is a product of Singapore with the name coming from the Malaysian name for the country. The Singapura is an alert cat and features a muscular bone structure. The breed first came to prominence during the 1970s.

The Singapura is generally a medium-sized cat with a gorgeous face sure to soften any cat-lover’s heart. The Singapura is also kind, gentle and playful, making them a safe addition to the family home and a rewarding companion. For this reason, allowing them near children is obviously safe. Despite its heart-warming nature, the Singapura has a muscular build which defies its personality. The ears and eyes are both larger than average, while the tail is small. In good news for prospective owners, there are no obvious health problems attached to the Singapura cat, but it remains vital to care appropriately for your cat.

As mentioned, the Singapura cat has an affectionate personality and will steal the heart of most cat lovers, as well as converting others into cat lovers. The breed likes to stick close to those they know best and keep warm. This means they can often be found under your bed or out in the sun. Owners have also been known to develop an extremely close bond with their Singapura cat after purchasing one. They can be lovely companions and wonderful additions to any household.

The breed is also full of energy and will latch onto any object in its eye-line. It loves to play, so keeping the Singapura cat active -daily -should be at the top of the priority list. The breed is non-destructive, but enthusiastic. Being prepared to give it plenty of your time and energy is vitally important and devoting plenty of time for play will bring the best results both for you and the Singapura cat. The breed is also mischievous, but not in a bad way. The breed also does not like confrontation.

The Singapura cat’s role is as a family pet is secure because of its gentle and friendly nature towards both children and adults. The cat will also lie down next to you at times and loves affection. For those who like to leave home on long holidays, it is recommended the Singapura be left with a companion.

In further good news for owners, the Singapura requires just one groom per week because of their short coat. This makes it quite simple to ensure your cat is looking its best. This breed is suited better to the indoor lifestyle and scratching posts are recommended for the playful Singapura.

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