The Mi-Ki to dog is not truly a breed as yet because it is yet to be recognised by any dog breed association in the world. There is no set breed standard  and different groups are breeding similar but different dogs both called the Mi-Ki.

Some people breeding the Mi-Ki talk enthusiastically about this new breed having taken on many of the desirable traits from the other small breeds that have gone into creating the Mi-Ki.  These breeders are working with the American kennel club to develop the breed standard and to have the breed recognised as a new breed.

Detractors claim the Mi-Ki is nothing more than a designer dog created to profit and whose unclear breed standard is allowing puppy millers to set up and sell low quality mixed bred toy dogs.

The Mi-Ki is toy dog standing around 24 cm at the Withers. Their weight is most often less than 3 kg and as such they are smaller than most house cats.

Some have the Mi-Ki coming a single coat type others along a short. At least one type has seen a likely influence on their coat from the Yorkshire tea in as it is described as being long, straight, silky with no shedding.

The short coat had variety apparently sheds are far less than most dogs. Both the long and a shorthaired variety participate in developing breed shows in the US and neither coat length is preferred. Because of the many different colours of coat coming from the contributing dog breeds there is yet no dominant coat colour and all colours are allowed.

It is may be folded all pricked and both are acceptable. The folder variety one excited will prick its ears up and outward an action described as “ear winging” as it gives the appearance that the dog is capable of flying using its ears.(Editor – needless to say regardless of the many claims about the Mi-Ki it cannot fly. Lol)

The eyes are large and expressive like the Maltese or the Yorkshire to areas and dark in colour.

The desire temperament is that of a loyal and lovable, confident, ball of fun certainly it is all these elements in the founding breeds that you can imagine would make for the perfect lapdog or companion dog.

There are several different groups who claim to have created the Mi-Ki – likely to live in groups did create the Mi-Ki almost simultaneously but separately around 1991/1992. Unfortunately to the breed there has not been sufficient consistency of development, agreement of the breed standard, investigation into health problems or even rules set on the health requirements of the dogs used in the creation of the breed.  Different parties working on the development of the breed had not been outward to come to agreement on key issues, and whilst this lack of agreement continued, puppy millers took advantage and started selling dogs they claim to be Mi-Kis online. With no breed standard set and no registration required it was hard to argue that these dogs were not in fact Mi-Kis.

With all this controversy is not surprising that in the more than 30 years since development of the breed started is yet to become recognised by any international breed association or club whereas other new breeds has developed a starter after the Mi-Ki has since been created and accepted into such clubs.

Suitability as a Pet In Australia
Whilst we understand the concept behind creating a “super toy” dog breed with all of the desirable characteristics of the most popular five or six toy dog breeds the Mi-Ki is not at a stage where we can yet recommended as a pet.
We won’t be all to do this until:-

  1. An association or club steps up, determines what breeds and what proportions must be used in the creation of the Mi-Ki, provides health testing evidence to show that the specimens used came from long lines of healthy individuals and develops a proper breed standard
  2. The breed in the breed standard are accepted by major dog associations or clubs from around the world.
  3. The breed has a chance to gather some momentum with more breeders choosing to breed the Mi-Ki

Until then we don’t recommend trying to buy a Mi-Ki as a pet in Australia as the likely result is that you’ll buy a toy sized puppy of a mixed breed, the health of the parents being unknown and the chances of your puppy suffering health problems being high.