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Reg Breeder of The gorgeous Blue Eyed Birman Cat, The superb indoor companion. Breeding Kittens for type and temperament. Kittens available for show/ breeding and...

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I am a small Bengal breeder south of Adelaide, South Australia. I only have a few litters per year, striving for beautiful Bengals with sound...

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Glass 100 is Perth's leading supplier of Cat Doors, Cat Flaps, Dog Doors and other Glass related products

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Here at Beckatt Bengals we focus on creating brilliant, wild looking, healthy and affectionate examples of the bengal breed. Producing quality home raised brown, snow...

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Clareville Cats breeds Tonkinese kittens. Our cats are home reared. We are situated at Clareville which is on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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Breeding beautiful birmans for loving homes. Raised in a home environment all our kittens are well adjusted and socialised (including dog friendly). All kittens are...

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Australian breeder of house reared, low allergy, curly coated Cornish Rex

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