After sleeping and eating, playing rates highly in a kitten’s priorities. He will amuse himself for hours with a selection of toys. These do not need to be expensive, shop-bought ones for your kitten to have maximum fun: ping-pong balls, cardboard tubes and old soft and cuddly toys will do the job just as well. Make sure, though, that none of the toy items can break or come apart easily, as inquisitive kittens will soon chew off and swallow a teddy’s button eyes, or dangling string, which could result in a tummy upset requiring veterinary attention, even surgery.

You can both enjoy hours of amusement simply by dragging a length of string along the ground for your kitten to chase, pounce on, and Never leave balls of wool or lengths of string unattended with a kitten, however, for the reasons given above.

Fishing rod-style toys, again, should only be used when you are there to supervise their use; cats risk strangling themselves by being allowed access to these play items their owners are not around to supervise.

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