Detailed Information

Yoogali Veterinary Centre, located on Mackay Avenue, is a leading provider of modern, professional, and affordable veterinary medicine in the Riverina, Griffith, and Yoogali areas. Our dedicated team, led by Kim, consists of qualified nurses and experienced veterinarians who are passionate about pets and committed to providing exceptional care. We prioritize making your pet feel comfortable and at ease during consultations and treatments, ensuring a caring and gentle approach at all times.

With four fully equipped consultation suites, modern diagnostic equipment, and a well-stocked pharmaceutical store, Yoogali Veterinary Centre offers comprehensive on-the-spot assistance for a wide range of pet health and medical needs. Our clinic has been a trusted part of the local community for years, serving all types of animals, from household pets to farm animals like horses, cattle, and sheep. In addition to individual animal care, we also provide whole farm consultancy services to promote optimal health through effective management and husbandry practices.

At Yoogali Veterinary Centre, we prioritize building strong relationships with our clients by offering sound advice, professional recommendations, and access to veterinary specialists when needed. Our commitment to excellence in animal care and our reputation for providing reliable treatment options have made us a go-to destination for pet owners seeking the best possible care for their beloved animals. Contact us today for all your animal health care needs or visit us at 98-100 Mackay Avenue, Griffith, to experience the highest standard of veterinary services.