Detailed Information

Yass Pets & Riding School is a premier establishment located in Manton, NSW, Australia, offering a unique blend of horse riding and pet accommodation services. Our riding school is dedicated to providing exceptional coaching for riders of all levels, focusing on achieving personal bests while prioritizing the mental and physical welfare of our horses. With facilities including air-conditioned cubbies, leash-free park areas, and expert coaching from Susan Turner-Davis, our in-house coach, riders can enjoy a variety of disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, and cross country riding.

For pet owners, Yass Pets & Riding School offers top-notch accommodation and care services for dogs and cats. Our dedicated staff ensures that all pets receive the love and attention they deserve, with options for individual or in-house dog training lessons provided by our qualified NDTF dog trainer. With a 3-acre leash-free park complete with dams and air-controlled kennels, pets can enjoy a safe and stimulating environment while their owners are away.

At Yass Pets & Riding School, we pride ourselves on combining Equitation Science and Evidence-Based Training methods to offer ethical and effective training for horses of all ages and levels, from youngsters to competition horses. Whether you’re looking to improve your riding skills, board your beloved pets, or receive expert guidance on horse ownership, our diverse range of services caters to clients from Murrumbateman to Melbourne. Contact us today to experience the exceptional care and training we provide for both riders and pets.