Detailed Information

Welcome to Woodville Community Dog Training Centre Inc, a non-profit community organization dedicated to providing Force Free training for dogs of all ages using Positive Reinforcement techniques. Our mission is to help you train your furry companion to be a well-mannered family pet through humane, ethical, and respectful methods. We prioritize the well-being of dogs as sentient beings and emphasize teamwork, trust, and respect in our training approach.

At Woodville Community Dog Training Centre, we believe in modern, science-based training methods and do not allow the use of choke chain collars, slip collars, prong collars, or electric shock collars in our classes. Our experienced and well-trained volunteer Instructors lead classes every Sunday from February to December, excluding long weekends. We also recommend the use of harnesses or soft collars for your dog’s comfort and safety during training sessions.

Join us at our friendly and welcoming club where you can meet new people, enjoy refreshments at the Rainbow Cafe, and shop for all your dog’s needs at our on-site store. From collars and leads to toys, treats, and accessories, we offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices. We look forward to welcoming you and your canine companion to Woodville Community Dog Training Centre for a rewarding training experience!