Detailed Information

Wonthaggi Dog Obedience Group, also known as WonDOG, is a reputable dog training organization located in the charming South Gippsland town of Wonthaggi. Established in 2001, the club has been dedicated to helping dog owners foster strong relationships with their furry companions through positive reinforcement techniques. Training sessions are held every Sunday morning, with additional mid-week sessions during daylight savings, providing a fun and family-friendly environment for dogs of all levels.

At WonDOG, we believe that dog obedience training is essential for creating well-socialized and well-mannered dogs. Through engaging activities and classes, we aim to enhance the bond between dogs and their owners, ensuring a harmonious life together. Our experienced trainers, who are also volunteers, utilize non-forceful methods and positive reinforcement to help members achieve their goal of having a happy and obedient canine companion.

As a proud member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Wonthaggi Dog Obedience Group is committed to promoting responsible dog ownership and community safety. Whether you reside in Wonthaggi or surrounding areas like Leongatha, Korumburra, or Phillip Island, we welcome new members year-round to join our enthusiastic not-for-profit club and embark on a rewarding journey towards having a well-behaved and sociable dog.