Detailed Information

WOLF WITHIN Dog Training is a premier dog training service led by Ethan Kimmince, a seasoned professional with over 20,000 hours of animal training experience. Ethan’s expertise extends from working as a Tiger Handler at Australia Zoo to training wolves, bears, cougars, and thousands of dogs. His deep understanding of Operant Training and Conditioning allows him to effectively communicate with both dogs and their owners, fostering better relationships and happier lives for all involved.

At WOLF WITHIN Dog Training, Ethan offers a range of personalized services to cater to every dog’s needs. From 1-on-1 private lessons conducted in the comfort of your home or in public spaces to group classes held at various locations, including Bribie High School and Toni’s Pet Station Ningi. For those seeking virtual training options, remote sessions via video call are available. Additionally, the “Doggy Bootcamp” boarding program provides intensive training while owners are away, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for the dogs.

With a focus on immediate results and a track record of satisfied customers, WOLF WITHIN Dog Training is dedicated to making the world a better place, one dog at a time. Join the WOLF WITHIN Newsletter to stay updated on training tips, upcoming classes, and more. Discover how Ethan and his team can help you and your furry companion build a strong bond and achieve training success.