Detailed Information

Wingecarribee Animal Shelter, located at 177 Berrima Road Moss Vale, is a dedicated facility that provides care and shelter for cats and dogs in need of adoption. The shelter operates on a philosophy of minimal euthanasia, ensuring that every companion animal receives good care and the opportunity to be re-homed without the threat of arbitrary euthanasia. The shelter team, supported by a group of committed volunteers, works tirelessly to socialize and care for the animals, making them more adoptable and ready for their forever homes.

Volunteers play a crucial role at Wingecarribee Animal Shelter, with opportunities for individuals aged 16 and above to assist in dog walking and cat cuddling activities. Dog walking sessions are available seven days a week, while cat cuddling takes place on weekdays and weekends. Volunteers are provided with necessary equipment and guidance to ensure the well-being and socialization of the animals. The shelter also welcomes donations of specific items in good condition, which can be confirmed by contacting the Shelter Team or checking their Facebook page for updates.

Those interested in adopting a pet can visit the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter to meet the cats and dogs available for adoption. The shelter’s commitment to providing a safe and caring environment for animals, along with its focus on finding loving homes for each pet, makes it a valuable resource for the community. By supporting the shelter through volunteering, donations, or pet adoption, individuals can contribute to the well-being and happiness of animals in need.