Detailed Information

Windrest Cat Boutique, also known as Windrest Cattery (WRC), is a family-run business located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Situated on a sprawling 22-acre property, Windrest specializes in boutique boarding for cats, offering a unique emphasis on pampering each feline guest. The cattery is nestled in an area renowned for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and lush countryside, providing a serene and tranquil environment for cats to relax and enjoy their stay.

At Windrest Cat Boutique, we understand the importance of individualized care for each cat guest. Our services include daily cuddles, playtime, massage, grooming, and the option to watch catflix on demand. Cats staying at Windrest are accommodated together in a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve. With a focus on providing a stress-free and enjoyable experience for cats, Windrest Cat Boutique is the ideal destination for pet owners seeking a premium boarding facility for their feline companions.

Run as a part of the Windrest property, which is primarily dedicated to animal husbandry and small crop production, Windrest Cat Boutique offers a flat rate for all services provided, with no hidden charges or surcharges. Whether your cat is in need of a relaxing getaway or simply requires a temporary home away from home, Windrest Cat Boutique guarantees a luxurious and personalized experience for every guest, making it the ultimate destination for cat owners looking for top-notch care for their beloved pets.