Detailed Information

Willows Country Cattery is a premier cat boarding facility located in Robinson, Western Australia. Established in 2002, this purpose-built cattery adheres to the Feline Advisory Bureau Standard, ensuring a high level of care and comfort for your feline companions. Exclusively catering to cats, Willows Country Cattery offers a serene oasis for your fluffy friends to relax and play. With multiple levels for climbing and playing, cozy beds, scratching posts, and daily cleaning services, your cat is guaranteed a delightful stay filled with love and cuddles.

Family-owned and operated, Willows Country Cattery provides both short and long-term boarding options for cats, making it an ideal choice for pet owners in need of reliable care while they are away. The cattery boasts a family-friendly environment, with special accommodations available for cats from the same family to interact and play together. Your beloved pets will be in good hands at Willows, receiving the attention and affection they deserve throughout their stay.

At Willows Country Cattery, all cats must have up-to-date vaccination certificates and be in good health before boarding. The facility prioritizes the well-being of its guests, ensuring that any cat requiring veterinary attention during their stay will receive prompt care. Owners are encouraged to communicate any special requirements or medications for their cats in advance to guarantee a comfortable and tailored experience for their furry companions.