Detailed Information

Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services was founded by Dr. Trepheena Hunter and Dr. Emma Rigby, who share a passion for helping pet owners navigate the challenges of living with animals facing behavior problems. With a background in managing animals with behavior issues in an animal shelter, they witnessed the impact of untreated mental health disorders in dogs and cats firsthand. This experience led to the establishment of Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services, dedicated to providing support and guidance to pet owners dealing with behavior challenges.

At Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services, we specialize in using force-free, evidence-based techniques to help dogs and cats become brave learners and develop resilience. Our approach focuses on teaching positive behaviors in a fun, rewarding, and motivating manner for both pets and owners. Whether it’s addressing aggression, panic disorders, urine spraying in cats, or leash pulling in dogs, our team works to improve the mental health and overall well-being of pets while teaching safe and alternative behaviors. Our goal is to create calm minds and harmonious relationships between pets and their owners.

With a commitment to promoting positive behavior and mental wellness in pets, Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services stands out as a trusted resource for pet owners seeking effective solutions to behavior challenges. Driven by a deep understanding of animal behavior and a dedication to improving the lives of pets and their families, our team strives to make pet ownership a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all involved.