Detailed Information

Established in 2016 under the leadership of Director Ben Britton, the Wild Cat Conservation Centre is a pioneering force in understanding and protecting smaller wild cat species. Located in Wilberforce, Australia, nestled in the Hawkesbury valley just an hour northwest of Sydney, our centre focuses on conservation efforts for wild cats from around the globe. Notably, we operate the only conservation breeding program for Clouded Leopards and Cheetahs in Sydney, contributing significantly to the preservation of these enigmatic wild cat species.

Visitors to our centre have the unique opportunity to learn about our conservation breeding programs and research efforts aimed at conserving these remarkable creatures. By joining us, individuals become integral to our mission of safeguarding wild cat species. Our savanna, the largest cheetah habitat in Australia, offers an up-close experience with wild cats, allowing guests to witness a full range of behaviors in a serene environment. Every tour is personalized and guided, providing insights into our conservation work both locally and globally, raising awareness about the vulnerability of wild cat species.

The Wild Cat Conservation Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organization that relies on donations and public support to fund its vital conservation work. The Wild Cat Conservation Foundation Limited (WCCF) was established to support the centre’s education, conservation breeding, and research programs. Donations to our foundation are tax-deductible in Australia, offering individuals the opportunity to contribute to creating a sustainable future for wild cat species. By supporting us, visitors play a crucial role in protecting these magnificent animals for generations to come.