Detailed Information

Wiggle Butts Pet Co is a beloved pet-centric business founded in 2016 by a dedicated Dog Mum with a passion for all things canine. Originating as a mobile dog grooming service in Melbourne’s Outer South Eastern suburbs, the business has since evolved to offer a diverse range of products and apparel for both pets and their human companions. With a strong emphasis on quality and creativity, Wiggle Butts Pet Co has garnered a loyal following of pet lovers who appreciate the unique and heartwarming designs.

Aside from grooming services, Wiggle Butts Pet Co has expanded its offerings to include Doggie Barkday Parties at The Dog Café, homemade dog treats, and participation in the Delta Therapy Dogs program. The business prides itself on fostering a community of pet enthusiasts and providing innovative solutions to enhance the bond between pets and their owners. Each product is crafted with care and attention to detail, reflecting the founder’s deep connection to her own furry friends and the joy they bring to her life.

With a commitment to spreading positivity and celebrating the special relationship between humans and pets, Wiggle Butts Pet Co continues to delight customers with its charming creations. From custom drink bottles to stylish apparel, every item is designed to bring a smile to your face and a wag to your pet’s tail. Embracing a philosophy of staying “pawsitive,” the team at Wiggle Butts Pet Co, led by Carly and her canine companions Haimish and Cindy, invites you to explore their world of whimsical pet products and experience the joy of being a part of the Wiggle Butts family.