Detailed Information

Welcome to Whyte Whispers Dog Trainer, where we work together towards basic obedience commands, understanding what your dog is really trying to communicate, and helping your furry friend get through any past traumas. Located in Elwood and Bayside, Australia, our founder Isabella Whyte brings 44 years of experience and a deep passion for animals to every training session. Growing up surrounded by cats, dogs, and horses, Isabella has honed her skills in speaking the language of pets and sharing this knowledge with their human companions.

At Whyte Whispers Dog Trainer, we specialize in preparing families for the arrival of a new puppy in their home, ensuring a smooth transition for both the pup and their human family members. We believe in the power of spending quality time with your furry friend to alleviate stress and bring back smiles. Isabella has found that meditation with pets can work wonders in relieving separation anxiety and creating a strong bond between pets and their owners.

If you are looking to make your pup feel comfortable away from their safe space or simply want to enhance your communication with your pet, Whyte Whispers Dog Trainer is here to help. Contact Isabella at 0484 097314 or via email at whytewhispers@gmail.com to start your journey towards a harmonious relationship with your beloved canine companion.