Detailed Information

Whitsunday Pet Resort is a premier luxury pet accommodation facility located in Mount Marlow Cannon Valley, QLD. Owned and operated by the dedicated husband and wife team, John and Linda, the resort offers top-notch boarding kennels and cattery services for dogs and cats. With a focus on providing a five-star experience for furry guests, Whitsunday Pet Resort ensures that pets are treated like cherished family members during their stay.

John and Linda bring a wealth of experience in animal handling and care to their business, having backgrounds in obedience training, dog breeding, and behavioural psychology. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the continual improvements made to the resort, including a newly renovated cattery and upgraded exercise yard. Customers can choose from a variety of tailored packages to meet the unique needs of their pets, with access to premium pet products available for purchase on-site.

Whitsunday Pet Resort prides itself on offering a comprehensive and attentive pet care experience, with a focus on maintaining the routine, health, and safety of all guests. The resort’s mission is to provide exclusive services that prioritize the happiness and well-being of every pet in their care. With a dedication to proactive care and personalized attention, John and Linda ensure that pets at Whitsunday Pet Resort receive the highest standard of care and comfort throughout their stay.