Detailed Information

Welcome to Wentlooge Springer Spaniels, a premier English Springer Spaniel breeder located in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. With a focus on breeding dogs that excel in field work and detection purposes, our dogs are renowned for their exceptional qualities and proven work history. Our dogs are sourced from the finest genetics in Australia and the UK, ensuring top-notch performance and loyalty.

At Wentlooge Springer Spaniels, we take pride in supplying dogs that are not only excellent working companions but also loyal and affectionate family pets. Our dogs have a strong drive and biddability, making them ideal for field trials, detection work, and conservation activities. With over two decades of experience in breeding and training English Springer Spaniels, our team is dedicated to providing the best working lines for clients worldwide.

Whether you are in need of a reliable detection dog for law enforcement purposes or a skilled hunting companion, Wentlooge Springer Spaniels has the expertise and commitment to meet your needs. Our dedication to breeding top-performing dogs is evident through our involvement in prestigious organizations and field trials. Contact us today to learn more about our breeding program and bring home a loyal and hardworking Springer Spaniel from Wentlooge.