Detailed Information

WebVet, a service provided by Greencross, offers pet owners the convenience of seeking veterinary advice from the comfort of their own home through video calls with qualified veterinarians. Available 24/7, WebVet allows pet owners to address their concerns when they can’t reach their regular vet or when faced with emergency situations outside regular clinic hours. The service aims to provide peace of mind by offering professional guidance and assessment of pets, with the option to share notes and advice with local veterinarians for continuity of care.

WebVet sessions are conducted by experienced Australian veterinarians, including Dr. Nikki, Dr. Annika, Dr. Andrew, and others, who are part of Greencross’s network of over 165 local GP veterinary clinics. While WebVet consultations do not replace physical examinations, they serve as a valuable complement to traditional in-clinic pet healthcare. Pet owners can access the service for advice on various concerns, with the option to schedule in-person appointments at Greencross Vets clinics or partner emergency hospitals if needed.

By participating in WebVet sessions, pet owners agree to the service’s Terms of Use and benefit from the expertise of veterinarians like Dr. Marta and Dr. Hannah, who bring diverse clinical backgrounds and a commitment to uncompromising care for pets. With a focus on providing accessible and reliable veterinary support, WebVet aims to assist pet owners in making informed decisions about their pets’ health and well-being, ensuring that preventive measures, such as heartworm control, are prioritized for optimal pet care.