Detailed Information

Warranwood Veterinary Centre is a specialized veterinary clinic located in Warranwood, VIC, dedicated to providing expert care for a wide range of animal species. With a focus on unusual pets such as rabbits, reptiles (including snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians), rats, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs, and native animals kept as pets, the center prides itself on catering to the unique needs of these animals. While also offering services for dogs and cats, 90% of their patients are considered unusual pets, making them a go-to destination for owners seeking specialized care.

At Warranwood Veterinary Centre, their team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses are highly trained and experienced in handling a variety of species, making them a valuable resource for novice and experienced pet owners alike. Whether you are a reptile and amphibian keeper, zookeeper, herpetologist, or simply a pet owner looking for exceptional care for your beloved animal, the center’s staff is dedicated to providing top-notch medical attention and support. They are committed to training the next generation of veterinary professionals, ensuring that the care and expertise they provide continue for years to come.

Located at Shop 2, 1 Colman Road, Warranwood, VIC 3134, Warranwood Veterinary Centre operates on a flexible schedule from Monday to Saturday, with specific hours for each day. New clients are required to complete a patient history form, emphasizing the clinic’s commitment to thorough and personalized care for each animal. Whether you are seeking routine check-ups, medical treatments, or specialized care for your unique pet, Warranwood Veterinary Centre is the ideal destination for comprehensive and compassionate veterinary services.