Detailed Information

Walkers AGnVET is a leading Australian agribusiness that specializes in providing rural agricultural supplies and services to farmers across the country. With a proud history dating back to 1915, AGnVET has established itself as a trusted partner for farmers looking for expert advice and high-quality products. From agronomy and animal health to fertilizers, chemicals, and irrigation solutions, AGnVET offers a comprehensive range of services to support the farming community.

One of the key highlights of AGnVET is its commitment to sustainability and profitability in agriculture. The company works closely with farmers to ensure that their crops and livestock reach their full potential through tailored solutions and expert guidance. AGnVET’s team of dedicated agronomists provides valuable insights and recommendations to help farmers make informed decisions for their businesses.

AGnVET is not just a supplier of agricultural products; it is a partner in the success of farming enterprises. With a network of branches offering specialized services tailored to local needs, AGnVET remains deeply rooted in rural communities. The company’s proactive programs in animal health and nutrition, along with its strong industry partnerships, reflect its commitment to supporting farmers in their quest for productivity and sustainability.